"My cow wants to have fun" is the name of a book that was published in 1990 in Swedish, Germany and Norwegian. It consists of articles published in the biggest daily paper in Sweden Expressen during the years 1985-1989.

Some of the articles have also been translated to English by the Animal Welfare Institute, P.O. Box 3650, Washington, D.C. 20007 and to

Dutch by Uitgeverij Ploegsma Amsterdam, ISBN 90 216 138 6

The Swedish book is published by Rabén & Sjögren 1990, ISBN 91 29 59814 1, and illustrated by Björn Berg.

My cow wants to have fun is also a name of a fund supporting animal welfare projects.

The foundation will work for a better life for animals by telling people how human beings treat animal used for food, fur, animal experiments etc. by giving the information mostly on Internet. The foundation will also support research in the field of animal welfare .