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Astrid Lindgrens Djurskyddsstiftelse

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Astrid Lindgren’s Foundation for Better Animal Protection "My Cow Wants to have Fun".

Astrid Lindgren’s Foundation for Better Animal Protection "My Cow Wants to have a Fun" was founded in 1997 on September 3rd in Furusund through the initiative of Astrid Lindgren, Chairperson of the Foundation.



The name of the Foundation is Astrid Lindgren’s Foundation for Better Animal Protection "My Cow Wants to have Fun".



The purpose of the Foundation is to inform and educate people about the living conditions of farm animals, and to identify what individual persons can do to improve the situation for farm animals and prevent animal suffering, as well as to promote free and independent research whereby animal welfare can be improved and animals protected from suffering. The Foundation shall, further, work for humans and animals together having a good and rich life.



In order to promote the aims of the Foundation, information on animals and factors affecting the life of animals shall be disseminated to the general public, foremost via Internet, but also via other means disseminating information.


When the Foundation has access to sufficient funds, following deductions for information expenses and administration (maximally 10% of the annual capital increment through donations), funds shall be awarded to research that promotes the aims of the Foundation. In order that distribution of these money shall be accomplished in a scientific and approved manner, a Committee shall be appointed by the Board of the Foundation.


The Committee shall consist of:

  • the Foundation Trustee,

a scientist to represent a

  • Faculty of Natural Sciences,

and a scientist to represent a

  • Faculty of Social Sciences,

together with a representative from each of

  • Nordiska Samfundet Mot Plågsamma Djurförsök (The Swedish Society against Painful Experiments on animals)
  • Sveriges Djurskyddsföreningars Riksförbund (The National Assembly of Swedish Societies for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

or corresponding organisations, making up a total of five persons.


The Committee shall submit proposals to the Board on how research funds should be awarded with consideration to three main directions:

  1. Research in the natural Sciences designed to explain biological facts relating to animals in order to increase our understanding of how animals are affected by human-beings.
  2. Research in the social Sciences designed to explain relationships in the social structure that influence conditions for animal life.
  3. Information and education on how animals are used, handled, etc., and animal requirements in order for them to lead a decent life together with human-beings.

When submitting proposals on how funds are to be awarded, the Committee shall comply with the following guidelines:

  1. Research (points 1 and 2 above) shall be conducted at a university and funds shall foremost be made available for personal, time-limited, appointments. The main purpose of the research shall be to improve conditions for animals. The appointments shall be accompanied with funds for other expenses relating to the research.
  2. No research shall be conducted that involves animal experiments where there is a risk that the animals in the experiments are exposed to negative stress, unnatural pain, or other discomfort.
  3. Funds for education (point 3, above) shall foremost be awarded to researchers and teachers at universities, secondary schools (gymnasium) and elementary schools (grundskolor) who, in their daily activities come into close contact with people who handle animals. The education shall have the purposes of improving conditions for animals and disseminating information on how society functions with regard to animal protection.

The Board


The Board of the Foundation shall consist of at least three and not more than five persons. A Board Member shall be appointed for a period of three years. Retiring members may be re-elected. The Board or, at the request of the Board the Trustee, may appoint committees for specific duties. The Board shall appoint its Chairperson from among its members.


The Trustee is appointed by the Board. The Trustee shall be responsible for the day-to-day administration, development and information about the Foundation in compliance with the guidelines laid out in §§3-6.


The Foundation’s Trustee and his/her deputy shall have the right to sign for the Foundation and, at the request of the Board, to manage the Foundation in accordance with its objectives.

The Board can withdraw at any time such rights as mentioned in previous paragraph.


The Board shall not modify the activities whereby such activities come into conflict with §§3-6.


The management of the Foundation by the Board shall be examined by an Authorised Public Accountant, who will submit an annual report based on his/her examination of the accounts. The financial year shall coincide with the calendar year. The Auditor’s Report shall be presented at the Annual Meeting but at the latest 3 months after the end of the financial year.

The Authorised Public Accountant, and deputy if required, shall be appointed annually by the Board.


No changes may be made to §2. Decisions on changes to be made to other §§ do not attain validity unless such decisions are reached at two consecutive Board Meetings.


The Board shall be supervised by the County Administration, Stockholm, in accordance with legislation on Foundations.


If the Foundation shall be dissolved, any funds remaining shall be donated to a well-functioning society for prevention of cruelty to animals.





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